• Combining real car photography with CG architecture,
    The Artery VFX created this spot revealing the
    Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTEC. The car's reflections
    and headlights were created digitally.


Just Released

  • The Artery VFX worked on dozens of seamless
    visual effect shots for Wes Anderson's latest,
    highly regarded feature film.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Now Playing in Theaters

  • The first commercial ever to be shot on Phantom 4K.
    The smoke and debris were generated in CG while
    the environment was enhanced using 3D projections
    to achieve this dramatic, slow motion shot.

Victory Motorcycles
Ride One and You'll Own One

Just Released

  • A revolutionary music video produced by Interlude
    allows fans to experience this classic song in
    unprecedented ways. The groundbreaking project
    invites users to to zap between 16 channels.
    The Artery VFX provided editorial, design, animation,
    color grading and compositing for the channels.

Bob Dylan
Like a Rolling Stone

Just Released

  • The Artery VFX created the snow storm for this epic
    Mercedes-Benz commercial directed by Sean Thonson
    for Merkley + Partners. Many of the shots feature
    a full CG car.


Just Released

  • Target has partnered with Feed Projects in a cause campaign to help feed America. Alongside Harbor Picture Company, we are proud to be a part of this collaborative effort led by Chandelier Creative.

Target Feed

Released Jun. 2013

  • Nike's interactive video 'Fast is Faster' is a modern
    clothing catalogue, featuring some of the hottest
    football and basketball players. The Artery VFX created
    more than 100 shots for this all-star campaign,
    working directly with Nike Global in collaboration
    with director Zach Gold.

Fast Is Faster

Released Oct. 2012

  • The Artery VFX and Harbor Picture Company provided a complete post production solution for this HBO documentary special.

Life Is But A Dream
An HBO Film by Beyoncé Knowles

Released Feb. 2013

  • The Artery VFX worked on 250 seamless visual
    effects shots for this sweet comedy starring
    Tina Fey and Paul Rudd.


Released Dec. 2013

  • A short, colorful film by Angelo Pennetta, introducing
    Nordstrom's Spring 2014 Designer Collections.
    Popping color grading by Harbor Picture Company.

One Vibrant Season

Just Released

  • Starring the mega cast: Philip Seymour Hoffman,
    Christopher Walken and Catherine Keener.
    The Artery VFX collaborated with director Yaron
    Zilberman, and legendary DP Fred Elmes
    to create 160 seamless visual effects shots.

A Late Quartet

Released Nov. 2012

  • Redd's' challenge was to "make the Russian audience blush" without showing people on screen. Collaborating with director Zach Gold from pre-production to delivery, we orchestrated the editing, compositing, and color-grading of this sexy spot.


Released Sept. 2012

  • We constructed this kung fu world for the hit music video. All scenes were shot on green screen and composited.

Coldplay & Rihanna
Princess of China

MTV VMA 2012 nominee for Best Direction and Best Cinematography

  • In this fictional, antique world David Guetta, a precision
    tinkerer, brings a robotic Nicki Minaj to life piece by
    piece – starting with her singing lips that are animated
    by a complex mechanical gizmo.

David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj
Turn Me On

MTV VMA 2012 Best Visual Effects nomination

  • The Artery VFX provided the graphic design, animation, and seamless effects for this bittersweet drama in which a high-school English teacher's quiet life dramatically changes when a former pupil visits her.

The English Teacher

Released Aug. 2013

  • After 40 years in the bathroom it's the first time the Scrubbing Bubbles are exploring the different rooms in the house and interacting with live action photography.

Scrubbing Bubbles

Multi-spot campaign from Ogilvy & Mather directed by Vico Sharabani

  • Laure Shang can be considered the Chinese Lady Gaga. Shang gives a powerful performance in couture gowns, created especially for this video by the Chinese designer Masha Ma. In this project we supported director Theo Stanley, and our friends at Harbor Picture Company.

Laure Shang
Perfect Night

Released September, 2012

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