• Combining real car photography with CG architecture,
    The Artery VFX created this spot revealing the
    Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTEC. The car's reflections
    and headlights were created in post.


Spring 2014

  • The Artery VFX worked on dozens of seamless
    visual effect shots for Wes Anderson's latest,
    highly regarded feature film.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Now Playing in Theaters

  • The first commercial ever to be shot on Phantom 4K.
    The smoke and debris were generated in CG while
    the environment was enhanced using 3D projections
    to achieve this dramatic, slow motion shot.

Victory Motorcycles
Ride One and You'll Own One

Spring 2014

  • A revolutionary music video produced by Interlude
    allows fans to experience this classic song in
    unprecedented ways. The groundbreaking project
    invites users to to zap between 16 channels.
    The Artery VFX provided editorial, design, animation,
    color grading and compositing for the channels.

Bob Dylan
Like a Rolling Stone

Winter 2013

  • The Artery VFX created the snow storm for this epic
    Mercedes-Benz commercial directed by Sean Thonson
    for Merkley + Partners. Many of the shots feature
    a full CG car.


Winter 2013